i-Ready Diagnostic Grades K–12 Scale Score Placement Tables 2023-2024 – Reading

These are the i-Ready Diagnostic Reading Scale Score Placement Tables for the academic year 2023-2024, covering Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Looking for the iReady Percentiles and Diagnostics scores for Reading for the year 2024-2025? Find them at the iReady Diagnostic Scores 2024-2025 page.

About the i-Ready Placement Tables and Assessment Scores.

The purpose behind the i-Ready Diagnostic assessments is to provide detailed guidance for educational recommendations and student placements from Kindergarten to the 12th grade, based on their performance. A key aspect of these assessments is their ability to identify appropriate grade-level placements for students.

Upon completing an assessment, a student’s scores are calculated considering the difficulty of the questions attempted. The overall score represents the cumulative result from all items a student has answered, while scores for specific domains are derived from items within those domains. These outcomes are then aligned with placement tables to ascertain a student’s academic standing. Diagnostic placements categorize a student’s level relative to their current grade, with specific score ranges defining each grade level. These categories are based on criteria meant to reflect the expected knowledge and skills at each grade level and subject.

Over 100 educators contributed to the development of these standards, employing a method backed by educational research to ensure a uniform approach to assessing student performance.

The i-Ready method of placement provides a consistent evaluation of student progress throughout the school year, aiding in recognizing shifts in performance levels.

How to Read the i-Ready Placement Tables.

  • Find the relevant placement table.
  • Search for the student’s grade in the first column to understand their placement level. (Note that the table’s format may have been revised from previous versions).
  • Determine the student’s score range and consult the corresponding label to find out their exact grade-level placement. Each cell’s color corresponds with the placement level indicated in the score reports.
i-ready diagnostics scores placement tables 2023-2024 Reading
The image above shows the color coding for the i-Ready diagnostics scores placement tables 2023-2024 for Reading.

The visual representation in the i-Ready Diagnostic Scores Placement Tables for 2023-2024 includes a color-coded system for easy interpretation. For example, a third-grade student with an overall reading score of 500, falling within the 474-510 range, would be placed at a second-grade reading level. This is indicated by a light yellow color in the table, denoting the student is performing below their current grade level in reading.

i-Ready Diagnostics Scores placements tables for Reading 2023-2024 – Overall.

iready diagnostics scores placements tables reading
The i Ready diagnostics scores placements tables for Reading 2023-2024 -Overall Scores.

The i-Ready Reading Overall Score is the overall score, that combines the following Reading Scores domains:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Comprehension Literature
  • Comprehension Informational
  • High-Frequency Words

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