i-Ready Diagnostic Grades K–12 Scale Score Placement Tables 2023-2024 – Math

These are the i-Ready Diagnostic Grades K–12 Scale Score placement tables for Math, for the school year 2023-2024.

What are the i-Ready Placement Tables and Assessment Scores?

The main goal of the i-Ready Diagnostic assessments is to assist in making well-informed instructional recommendations and placement choices for students across Grades K–12 based on their performance levels. This is primarily achieved through the assessment’s ability to determine grade-level placements.

After a student finishes an assessment, their scores, both overall and within specific domains, are determined by the complexity of the questions they encountered. The overall score reflects the aggregate of all questions seen by the student, while domain-specific scores are calculated based on questions related to that particular domain. These scores are then matched against placement tables to determine the student’s educational placement. The diagnostic placement categorizes a student’s achievement relative to their grade level, with placements defined by specific score ranges for each grade the student is currently attending. These placement categories are criterion-referenced, aiming to mirror the knowledge and skills students should possess at various grade levels and subject areas. The process of setting these benchmarks involved collaboration with over 100 educators, adopting a methodological approach recommended by educational experts. This system standardizes the interpretation of student performance levels.

These placement decisions allow teachers to consistently gauge student placements throughout the academic year, enhancing the understanding of transitions between different performance levels.

How to Read the i-Ready Placement Tables.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate placement table.
  2. Locate the student’s current grade in the first column to ascertain their relative placement levels. (It’s important for educators familiar with previous editions to note that the layout of rows and columns has been updated in this version).
  3. Identify the student’s score range and refer to the corresponding column label to determine the student’s precise grade-level placement. The color coding within each cell matches the score report colors, indicating relative placement levels.
i-ready diagnostics scores placement tables 2023-2024 math
The image above is an example of i-Ready diagnostics scores placement tables for 2023-2024 with descriptions of the colors.

As seen in the image above, if a student in the third grade achieves a reading overall score of 500, this score falls within the 474-510 range, indicating a second-grade reading level. This placement is visually represented by a light yellow color in the table, signifying the student is performing one grade level below in reading.

i-Ready Diagnostics Scores placements tables for Mathematics 2023-2024 – Overall.

iready diagnostics scores placements tables mathematics
iReady Diagnostics Scores placements tables for mathematics for the scool year 2023-2024.

The i-Ready Math Overall Score is the overall score that combines the following Math Scores domains:

  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking Placements
  • Number and Operations Placements
  • Geometry Placements
  • Measurement and Data

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