How to See Chegg Answers for Free and Unblur Chegg – Chegg Unlocker

This is how you see Chegg answers for Free and ‘Unblur’ Chegg. There are 8 methods, and we have covered all of them.

Chegg is a popular for students seeking assistance with their studies, offering an array of services such as answers to test and homework questions, textbook rentals, online tutoring, homework help, and resources for internships and scholarships. Chegg is now subscription only, with prices starting at 14.99$, so many students are looking for a way to get the Chegg answers for free. Below, you can see the 8 solutions to how to get Chegg answers for free, that we have uncovered.

Method 1: Using basically gives you the Chegg answers for free. The platform also distinguishes itself with a Homework Solver feature that delivers step-by-step instructions for solving problems, which is instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of the material. Key features include:

  • Instantaneous Chegg Answers: Reducing wait times significantly compared to traditional tutoring.
  • Support Across Multiple Disciplines: Whether it’s Math, Science, or English, Homeworkify caters to a wide array of subjects.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, enabling students to navigate the platform effortlessly. is accessible free of charge, offering 50 daily credits to users, thereby providing a cost-effective solution for students seeking immediate homework assistance.

how to see chegg answers for free unblur chegg unblocker
How to see Chegg answers for free: The Homeworkify is the easiest soultion SImply copy the Chegg question link into Homworkify to unblur/unblock the Chegg answer.

Method 2: Homeworkify App

In addition to its website, Homeworkify extends its services through a mobile application. The app, designed to cover an extensive range of subjects with the aid of artificial intelligence, includes several noteworthy features:

  • Homework Solver: Delivers comprehensive solutions and explanations. Instant free Chegg answers.
  • Text-to-Speech AI: Enhances learning by reading out answers.
  • AI Chat Feature: Simulates conversations with a human tutor for a more engaging learning experience.
  • Translator: Facilitates learning in various languages.

The Homeworkify app is free to download on Android devices, with optional in-app purchases for users seeking advanced features.

Method 3: Internet Search

Use search engines such as Google or Bing for questions, and you can often find the answers you seek, by leveraging the vast amount of freely available information online. Search for part of the question within ” ” quotes and you can often find the exact question and answer online.

Method 4: AI Tools

The advent of AI-powered tools has revolutionized homework help:

  1. ChatGPT: Developed by OpenAI, it offers comprehensive answers across a broad range of topics.
  2. Google Gemini: Utilizes extensive online information to provide high-quality responses.
  3. Tutor AI: A learning platform that offers personalized educational experiences.

These AI tools provide an array of options for students looking for detailed insights and answers to their homework questions. Ask ChatGPT to the answer to a question can often be enough, but be aware that the AI tools can ‘halucinate’, as its called, when they make up an answer. Check with more than one AI.

Method 5: StudyX_Homework Help Discord Server

Discord hosts several servers that offer educational support, including StudyX_Homework Help. This community is powered by a GPT-4 based AI, generating solutions for homework queries. Membership is available for a fee, granting access to an extensive range of educational resources and a platform for collaborative study.

Search Reddit for Chegg Answers or StudyX and you can find other setvers with people providing answers, but be aware of scams. Never share your login credentials or pay for answers.

Working Discord Servers for free Chegg answers:

HWHelper Discord Group invite link:

Grades? Discord Group invite link:

StudyX Discord Group invite link:

These invite links may expire.

Or visit

Method 6: Alternative Platforms

Several websites and apps offer services similar to Homeworkify, including Quizplus, Crazy for Study, Quizlet, and Study Lib. Each platform provides unique features and resources tailored to meet the academic needs of students across various disciplines.

The websites claim to give you free Chegg answers, free Bartleby answers, and free Course Hero answers for 1$ per day, or 8$ a month.

Method 7: Chrome Extensions – Chegg Unblockers.

Google Chrome extensions offer a potential workaround for accessing unblurred Chegg answers. These are also called ‘Chegg Unblocker’ tools. By installing specific extensions from the Chrome Web Store, students may be able to view answers without a Chegg subscription. However, the effectiveness and legality of these extensions can vary.

Visit and search for Chegg.

Note: Chrome Web Store sometimes bans these extensions, so try searching Mozilla’s Add-On depository also. The old working extensions were called ‘element killer’ and ‘studyblue’ but they no longer exist.

The SUSChegg Unlocker extension still works.

Method 8: Inspect Element Method.

In the past, students could unblur Chegg answers using the Inspect Element feature of their web browser. This involved finding and turning off the HTML element responsible for the blur effect.

Note: As of early 2024, this method no longer works. Chegg has implemented measures to prevent this method from being effective. If you want to try it. Then this is how to see Chegg answers for free with Inspect Element:


  • Open the Inspect Element tool.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect,” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+I” (Windows) or “Cmd+Option+I” (Mac).
  • From the tabs on the top of the inspect window, click on the “Network” tab.
  • Type the question URL you want to unblur into the search bar.
  • Click the “Filter” button and change the setting to “HTML.”
  • Find the ‘blur’ class. Look through the code to find the section that contains the blurred answer. This should have a class named “blur.”
  • Delete the “blur” class once you’ve found it. The answer should now be unblurred.

Alternatively, you could use some free Chegg accounts and passwords. These have worked in the past, but may have been banned now. Here are some you could try:

Email: [email protected] Password: unblurChegg

Email: [email protected] Password chegg@@1345

Email: [email protected] Password yghvgch1234354t

Email: [email protected] Password ythgjvb234

Chegg Answers FAQs.

The complete Chegg FAQ can be found at our main Chegg Help page. Learn how to cancel Chegg subscriptions, and see all the subscriptions, rentals and other Chegg costs, and much more.

Below, we have added some of the most common questions about Chegg:

Does Chegg Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Chegg offers a 7 day free trial.

What is Chegg Answers?

Chegg Answers is an online platform that connects students with academic experts who can answer their questions. Students can post questions across various subjects and receive detailed solutions from qualified Chegg tutors.

Is Chegg Answers free?

Chegg Answers now has a Premium model. You can browse some previously answered questions for free. However, to post your own question and get an answer from an expert, you’ll need a Chegg Study subscription.

Who are the Chegg experts?

Chegg experts are qualified individuals with strong subject knowledge. They go through a vetting process to ensure they can provide high-quality solutions to student questions.

What kind of questions can I ask on Chegg Answers?

You can ask questions related to almost any academic subject, including Math, Science, Literature, History, and more. Chegg experts are particularly strong in STEM fields.

How do I post a question on Chegg Answers?

You’ll need a Chegg Study subscription to post a question. Once subscribed, log in to your account, click “Ask a question,” provide details like subject, topic, and your question clearly. You can also attach pictures or files for better explanation.

How long does it take to get an answer on Chegg Answers?

The wait time for an answer can vary depending on the complexity of your question and subject area. Generally, you can expect an answer within a few hours, but it might take longer for niche subjects.

What if I don’t understand the answer provided by the expert?

You can ask follow-up questions to clarify your doubts. Chegg experts are encouraged to provide clear and detailed explanations.

Can I copy the answers directly for my homework?

While Chegg Answers can be a valuable resource for understanding concepts, it’s not recommended to copy answers directly. Use the platform to learn how to solve problems and approach similar questions in the future.

How do I become a Chegg expert?

Chegg has an application process for becoming an expert. You’ll need strong subject knowledge and excellent communication skills. Search for “Become a Chegg Q&A Expert” for details.

How much do Chegg experts earn?

The amount Chegg experts earn depends on various factors like subject area, question complexity, and solution quality. Typically Chegg experts earn 2$ to 3$ for each question answered. Chegg uses a performance-based pay system.

What are the responsibilities of a Chegg expert?

As a Chegg expert, you’ll be responsible for browsing student questions, selecting ones you can answer confidently, and providing high-quality solutions within Chegg’s guidelines.

How much does Chegg cost?

Chegg starts at $14.95 per month + VAT and allows you to post a limited number of questions (typically 20) to experts each month.

Is Homeworkify Legit?

Yes, Homeworkify is a legitimate platform that has garnered positive feedback for its assistance in academic tasks. It is a free alternative to Chegg.

You can also ask a question in the comment section below this page. For more help, visit our homepage at iReady.

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